Sissy is a nine year old cat who was in desperate need of ACL surgery. Her owner came to us crying, saying that she could not afford the surgery, and she also had to have surgery. We made an appeal on Facebook and raised $420 of the $515 needed for Sissy's surgery. Following the operation, Sissy stayed with a HSDC for three weeks, restricted to a large dog crate so that she would not re-injure her leg. She went back home with her "mom" and is doing well. 

​How we have helped those in our community....

At Thomasville Veterinary Hospital, a female cat was in labor who had a prolapsed uterus.  Unfortunately, the kittens could not be saved, but the Humane Society paid $75 to have the mother cat spayed, which ultimately saved the animal's life. 

A call came into the Humane Society of Davidson County from North Davidson Veterinary Hospital that a Labrador Retriever mix had been brought into the office that had a tumor.  If the tumor was not removed, it would rupture.  The Humane Society approved $75 toward helping to remove the dog's tumor.

Sick-Injured Program

A local couple adopted a puppy from a private citizen and when they picked up the puppy to take it home, it was very ill.  The puppy was taken to Davidson Animal Hospital where it was discovered that its bowels were heavily impacted with grass, roots, and bones.  The puppy required a lot of care and would not have survived had the Humane Society not approved funds for its care.  

When the Humane Society of Davidson County first organized, we realized that many people desperately needed emergency veterinary care for their pets but could not afford it.  As a result, we began a small sick/injured program as an answer to extreme situations in which the animal's owner, due to financial hardship, could not afford to provide care for the animal in question.  When funds are available, each case submitted will be reviewed on an individual basis and funds are provided if available.  If you need assistance with a sick/injured pet, please call the Humane Society of Davidson County at (336) 248-2706.
The HSDC appreciates all of Davidson County's fine veterinary clinics and hospitals that work so cooperatively with us on a daily basis.