Examples of how we help animals

Thanks 1-800-PetMeds for the donation of flea prevention for our adoptable pets! 

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We do not receive funds from the city or county government. The Humane Society of Davidson County has been fortunate to earn the support of many compassionate people over the years. We hope you will continue to help us by supporting programs that help our efforts, contributing to our building campaign, participating in our fundraisers, and spreading good news about us to all of your friends and family.


How You Can Help Us!

‚ÄčThrough our Program Services each year we help over 1,000 owned and stray animals in need of a helping hand.

~Spay/Neuter Programs: We help more than 500 animals through our state-supported and regular programs yearly, preventing the births of thousands of unwanted kittens and puppies.

~ Our Sick/Injured Program touches the lives of an average of 200  owned and stray animals every year, many of whom would die without our financial assistance.

~Through the work of our Special Needs/Investigations team, who work in the field, many animals receive housing, bedding, food, and health care. Most importantly, the team educates owners about responsible pet ownership and resources available to them. The team made more than 200 home visits in 14 months.

~Our Pet Food Pantry is held monthly if we have enough food for a distribution. Approximately 40 families receive food for their pets, and including strays helped, the number of animals receiving food averages over 300. 

~Our Foster Care and Adoption Program rehomes animals, allowing them to enjoy the quality of life they deserve.